Ministry of Water Resources Govt. of India

 Organisation Structure

     The Central Ground Water Board is headed by Chairman and has four full time Members namely, Member (Exploratory Drilling & Material Management), Member (Sustainable management & Liaison), Member (Survey Assessment & Monitoring) and Member (Training & Technology Transfer). The other Member of the Board are all ex-officio being nominees of institutions in related fields of expertise.

     Central Ground Water Board has four main wings :-

        The Exploratory Drilling & Materials Management (ED&MM) Wing broadly looks after the drilling and construction of Exploratory Tubewells and other types of boreholes required for ground water exploration and assessment of aquifer parameters. The other activities of this wing include monitoring of Stores, consumption and inventory for efficient and economic machine utilization, purchase action in respect of drilling equipment, vehicles, instruments etc. This wing also deals with improvement of drilling technology, design of abstraction structures, improvement of efficiency of pumps and other water lifting devices, maintenance and up keeping of drilling machinery and related equipment.

     The Sustainable Management and Liaison (SML) Wing looks after sustainable management of ground water related policies, issues etc., work related to Monitoring of ground water regime and development, conjunctive use of surface and ground water. It also undertakes studies related to recycling and reuse of ground water, urban ground water management, Drought management, Regulation of ground water development and model legislation, National information system for ground water data collection, storage and retrieval. Planning and Programme formulation for ground water development including techno-economic studies, analysis and associated aspects of ground water development, Technical examination of major, medium and minor irrigation Projects and Publication of quarterly magazine,”Bhujal News” are also entrusted to this wing.

     The Survey, Assessment & Monitoring (SAM) Wing of Central Ground Water Board is vested with the responsibility for undertaking Hydrogeological Surveys. Aquifer mapping and assessment of aquifer characteristics based on exploration and surveys, hydrochemical analyses and studies, pollution studies, short term water supply investigations, special studies, preparation of various Hydrogeological maps. Atlases, Master plans, State reports, District reports, etc. The other activities of this wing includes ground water balance studies, periodic assessment of ground water resources and potential, augmentation of ground water resources including artificial recharge and monitoring of artificial recharge ground water zoning for guiding economic activities, rationalization of water rates, forecasting manpower, energy and financial requirements for ground water sector, Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Missions, dissemination of data information to various user agencies etc.

     The Technology Transfer and Training (T&TT) Wing of the Board is vested with the responsibility for laying the overall training policy, assessment of training needs, conceptualization of the training modules and the programme implementation strategy, identification of thrust area needing technology import from advanced sources, maintenance of effective liaison and interaction with voluntary agencies and Non Government Organisations and the other renowned national and international bodies for training and research purposes.

     The Central Ground Water Board undertakes field studies through 18 Regional Directorates, supported by 17 number of engineering divisions, 11 State Unit Offices and Laboratories for carrying out different investigations.

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